Cooling heating system adds temperature solution for pharmaceutical and chemical industry

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LNEYA is a professional manufacturer of various temperature control instruments for more than ten years. It is involved in the pharmaceutical, chemical, scientific research, industrial, new energy, chip and other industries. The research and development of cooling heating systems has added new temperature to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Temperature control solution.

Cooling heating systems play a key role in reactor temperature control in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and are widely used in a variety of reactor markets. Wide operating temperature range, with heating and cooling function, temperature range: -25 ° C ~ 200 ° C. A controller with 2 LED displays that simultaneously displays temperature setpoints and actual values, as well as overtemperature alarm values. Efficient and fast, easy to fill. The heating and cooling box ensures rapid cooling under high temperature conditions; it can realize continuous temperature control from 200 degrees to -20 degrees.

The cooling heating system is fully closed in circulation management, without oil mist and water absorption, ensuring the safety of the experiment and the life of the thermal fluid. Refrigeration unit US Gulun compressor, circulating pump, stable performance and reliable quality. The heating and cooling box has self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high-pressure pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other security functions. The temperature of the heat transfer medium is controlled, and the same heat transfer medium is used for the whole process of cooling. High lift design for long-distance transport of heat transfer media.

LNEYA has added cooling and heating system solutions to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry to cope with the common challenges in reactor temperature control. It fully demonstrates the company’s employees’ unity and courage, and it is the result of the joint efforts of all employees. This also shows that LNEYA’s team is a cohesive team, a hard-working team, a vibrant team, I believe that in the future will achieve even more impressive results!

In the past year, LNEYA’s performance has grown by leaps and bounds, the number of employees has grown rapidly, business and products have gradually increased, and specialized teams are gradually taking shape. In the future, the refrigeration heating system will continue to develop more scientific instruments with advanced technology in the industry based on the user’s application.

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