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The Main Fuction of Low Temp Chillers

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In the domestic industrial market, the low temp chiller is a very important production auxiliary equipment, which can provide suitable working environment for different industrial production. Condenser is one of the key parts of the low temp chiller. According to the different industries and types of units, the condensers used are also different. Wind-cooled chillers use finned condensers, while shell-and-tube condensers are used for water-cooled chillers.

In all kinds of low temp chiller products, condenser can be said to be an indispensable refrigeration component. It is also a device for conveying cold quantity, in which refrigerants absorb the heat of the cooled object to achieve refrigeration. The low temp chiller is the heart, which plays the role of sucking, compressing and transporting refrigerant vapor. The condenser is also a device that emits heat, transferring the heat absorbed in the evaporator to the cooling medium along with the heat transformed by the work of the compressor.

If the condenser in low temp chiller has problems, it will have a greater impact on low temp chiller products. When the low temp chiller is filled with appropriate amount of lubricant, the lubricant directly enters the heat transfer surface of the condenser and evaporator. Then oil film is formed on the heat transfer surface, which can affect the heat transfer, thus resulting in poor heat transfer effect, increasing the condensation temperature and deteriorating the condensation effect. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the normal function of the condenser.

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