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High-low temperature control system with different configurations of high-pressure reactors

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Different configurations of high pressure reactors, the quality of products brought by different manufacturers is not the same, but the points of attention are the same, you need to pay attention to it.

1. To be used at the designated location and follow the instructions for use. Check the test pressure, operating pressure, operating temperature and other conditions engraved on the main container, and use it within the allowable range of conditions.

2. The high-pressure reactor is a precision equipment. The sealing ring adopts the form of conical contact and sealing, and the main bolts are tightened to press them against each other to achieve the purpose of sealing. Special care must be taken for the sealing cone to avoid damage caused by various collisions.

When installing the cover, place the reactor body first, then put the cover in a fixed position and install it on the kettle body carefully. When tightening the main bolts, you must tighten them diagonally and symmetrically several times. Evenly, do not allow the kettle cover to tilt to one side to achieve a good sealing effect, and do not exceed the specified tightening torque to prevent the sealing surface from being squeezed or accelerated wear.

3. The pressure used by the pressure gauge of the autoclave should be used within 1/2 of the indicated pressure. And often compare the pressure gauge with the standard pressure gauge and make corrections. The pressure gauge for oxygen should not be mixed with pressure gauges for other gases. For safety valves and other safety devices, use equipment that has undergone regular inspections and meets the specified requirements.

When operating high-pressure reaction kettles with different high and low temperature integrated machine prices, it must be noted that the thermometer should be inserted into the reaction solution accurately. The interior of the autoclave and the gasket should be kept clean. When covering the disc flange cover, the bolts located on the diagonal line should be tightened in turn in pairs. When the measuring instrument is broken, it is mostly broken on the front and rear sides of its glass surface. Therefore, do not stand in these dangerous places during operation. When danger is expected, remove the glass and replace it with a new one.

Pay attention to the same points, but because the brands are different, the products brought are also different, and you need to buy them from regular  manufacturers.

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