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For emergencies of the water-cooled chiller of the automatic temperature control system of the react

In the pharmaceutical and chemical production, the automatic temperature control system of the reactor is widely visible. In order to ensure the safe production of the enterprise, what should users pay attention to when facing unexpected situations?

When the production temperature and pressure of the water-cooled chiller of the automatic temperature control system of the reaction kettle rise rapidly and cannot be controlled, close all the material inlet valves quickly; stop stirring immediately; quickly close the steam (or hot water) heating valve and turn on the cooling water (or chilled water) ) Cooling valve; quickly open the vent valve; when there is no vent valve and the temperature and pressure cannot be controlled, quickly open the discharge valve at the bottom of the equipment to discard materials; when the above treatment has no effect, and the discharge of the bottom discharge valve cannot be completed in a short time, Quickly notify the staff to evacuate the scene

When a large number of toxic and harmful substances are found to be leaking, immediately notify the surrounding personnel to evacuate the site quickly upwind; quickly wear a positive pressure respirator to close (or tightly) the toxic and harmful leakage valve; when the toxic and harmful substance valve cannot be closed, then promptly notify the downwind direction (Or around) the unit and personnel are scattered or preventive work, and the treatment agent is sprayed according to the material characteristics for absorption, dilution and other treatments. Store the leaked material and deal with it appropriately.

If a large amount of flammable and explosive material leaks, wear a positive pressure respirator quickly to close (or tightly) the flammable and explosive leakage valve; when the flammable and explosive leakage valve cannot be closed, promptly notify the surroundings (especially the downwind direction) Personnel stop the production and operation of open flames and sparks, and quickly stop other production or operations in the surrounding area. At the same time, if possible, move the flammable and explosive leakage to a safe area for disposal. Do not rush to close the valve when the gas leakage has been burned. Pay attention to prevent flashback and the gas concentration to reach the explosion point and cause an explosion.

The water-cooled chiller of the automatic temperature control system of the reaction kettle is a relatively common equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and it is also an important part of safe production, so as to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

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