What do you need to consider for a car battery cooling water cycle heat exchanger?

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The car battery cooling water circulation machine has always been one of the most popular equipments. The design of the heat exchanger piping also needs to be designed. What aspects should be considered?

There are many types of heat exchange equipment for automobile battery cooling water circulation machine. For each specific heat transfer condition, a more suitable equipment model will be obtained by optimizing the selection. If this type of equipment is used in other working conditions, then it will be transmitted. The effect of heat may vary a lot. For the design of shell-and-tube heat exchangers for automotive battery cooling water cycle machines, the following factors are worth considering:

The flow rate is an important variable in the design of the heat exchanger of the car battery cooling water circulation machine. Increasing the flow rate increases the heat transfer coefficient, and the pressure drop and power consumption also increase. If pumping fluid is used, the pressure drop should be considered as much as possible. The heat exchanger is instead of the regulating valve, which increases the flow rate to increase the heat transfer.

Selecting a larger pressure drop can increase the flow rate of the heat exchanger of the car battery cooling water circulation machine, thereby enhancing the heat transfer effect and reducing the heat exchange area. However, a large pressure drop also increases the operating cost of the pump. The appropriate pressure drop value needs to be based on the total annual cost of the heat exchanger, and the equipment size is repeatedly adjusted and optimized.

It is mainly based on the operating pressure and temperature of the vehicle battery cooling water circulating machine fluid, the pressure drop that can be utilized, the structural and corrosion characteristics, and the choice of equipment materials required, etc., considering which process the fluid is suitable for.

The final heat exchange temperature of a car battery cooling water cycle machine is generally determined by the needs of the process. When the final heat exchange temperature can be selected, its value has a great influence on whether the heat exchanger is economically reasonable. When the hot fluid outlet temperature is equal to the cold fluid outlet temperature, the heat utilization efficiency is relatively high, but the effective heat transfer temperature difference is relatively small, and the heat exchange area is relatively large.

For the certain process conditions of the car battery cooling water circulation machine, the form of the equipment should be determined first, for example, whether the fixed tube plate form or the floating head form is selected. In the heat exchanger design process, the general goal of the enhanced heat transfer is as follows: Reduce the size of the heat exchanger under heat; improve the performance of the existing heat exchanger; reduce the temperature difference of the flow medium; or reduce the power of the pump.

In the process of heat transfer, a specific car battery cooling water cycle heat exchanger can be selected according to specific process requirements.

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