Description of compressors in various high and low temperature cycle machine industry

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In the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the application of high and low temperature cycle machine is relatively common. LNEYA high and low temperature cycle machine compressors use Emerson, Taikang, Duling and other brand compressors, but the types of compressors are more. We need to have a clear understanding of these in order to run better.

The screw type high and low temperature cycle integrated machine compressors are all volumetric refrigeration compressors, which can be further divided into reciprocating compressors and rotary compressors. The reciprocating compressor uses a piston, a crank, a link mechanism or a piston, a crank, and a slide tube mechanism, and the rotary compressor uses a shaft crank mechanism.

The compressor can be divided into low-temperature, medium-low temperature and ultra-low temperature compressors according to the application range. Low-temperature compressor (evaporation temperature -35 ~ -15 ° C), generally used in food freezer, etc.; medium and low temperature compressor (evaporation temperature -20 ~ 0 ° C), generally used in refrigerators, etc.; ultra-low temperature compressors ( Evaporation temperature -5 ~ 15 ° C), generally used in dehumidifiers, heat pumps and so on.

Application of high and low temperature cycle machine compressor: piston compressor is relatively old, and many places are used in cold storage, refrigeration equipment, ultra-low temperature equipment; rotary compressors are mainly used in refrigeration equipment; scroll compressors are mainly It is used in low-temperature equipment and refrigeration units; screw compressors mainly have relatively large refrigeration capacity, and are used in cold storage and high-low temperature cycle integrated units; centrifugal compressors have larger refrigeration capacity. Generally used in high and low temperature cycle integrated units.
As seen from the above, there are many types of compressors. LNEYA high and low temperature cycle machine compressors are undoubtedly piston type, scroll type, screw type, etc., users can rest assured in performance. All branded compressors are efficient and stable.

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