How to maintain the lubrication system of water-cooled chillers

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Medium-sized water cooled chiller,
refrigeration temperature range from -80
~ -30, safe,
reliable, rapid cooling for the liquid, widely used in petrochemical, medical,
pharmaceutical, biochemical and freeze-dried, military and other high-tech industries.


When the water cooled chiller is below 80 ~ 30 below zero
in the running system, people pay more attention to refrigerator, frozen water
cycle system and electric control system, so the lubrication system is often
overlooked. However, this system is also very important to the water cooled
chiller. The maintenance of the water cooled chiller is indispensable, now we
are going to tell you something about it.


1. Observe the normal oil surface, oil
temperature and oil pressure in the daily inspection.


2. Regularly check the oil quality
according to the oil change index stipulated in the frozen lubricating oil, and
replace or supplement the filtered new oil.


3. Pay attention to check and adjust the
end face clearance of the oil pump in the middle and overhaul, and replace the
pump when necessary. The end face clearance of the pump varies from 0.03 to
0.08mm. Please refer to the assembly technical requirements and factory
regulations of the pump for concrete value.


4. Regularly replace or clean the filter
core, pipeline, and crankcase.


The maintenance of the lubrication system
of the water cooled chiller requires techniques, which mainly involves the
performance of the compressor’s main engine. It is recommended to be operated
by professionals to avoid unnecessary losses.


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water-cooled chiller, you can contact our after-sales team. If you have
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