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Several Common Troubleshooting Methods for Ultra-low Temperature Freezer in Laboratories

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Laboratory ultra low temperature freezer is also called cryogenic storage box, cryogenic refrigerator, etc. Common – 40, – 60, – 86 degrees Celsius ultra low temperature freezers are suitable for cryogenic test of electronic devices and special materials, and for preservation of plasma, biomaterials, vaccines, reagents, tuna, etc. In addition, there are extreme ultra low temperature freezers of – 120 degrees Celsius, – 135 degrees Celsius and – 160 degrees Celsius, – 192 degrees Celsius.
Although the refrigeration system and control circuit of ultra low temperature freezer in laboratory are complex, the common faults are mainly circulating system and circuit part.

Following are several common faults of ultra-low temperature refrigerators and their troubleshooting methods:

1. After power supply is switched on, the air switch of the main power supply is automatically disconnected.
Elimination method: Check whether the compressor of refrigeration system is damaged or not, and replace the parts if damaged. After replacing the fittings, turn on the machine to check whether it is normal. The fault is usually caused by unstable power supply, because the * stage starts first, so the damage is usually in stage. In this case, as long as the delay regulated power supply is installed, the fault will not occur again.

2. Stop working before the temperature in the box reaches the set temperature.
Exclusion: Although the temperature in the box has not reached the set temperature, the panel display temperature has reached the set temperature. This is due to the damage of the thermistor which detects the temperature and the need to replace the parts. If there is no original accessories, a set of temperature control system can be re-installed to eliminate the failure.

3. Poor refrigeration effect may be refrigerant leakage

4. If the ultra-low temperature refrigerator does not start in winter, it may be that the thermostat regulation value is too small.

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