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How to choose the right hot and cold circulator?

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  The hot and cold circulator is widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry to provide users with hot and cold controlled, uniform temperature and constant temperature. It can also be directly equipped with reactors, reactors, etc. for cooling or heating and temperature control.

    Some users choose the thermal cycler to pursue the price, but ignore the more important mission of the manufacturer, which is to ensure the reliability and stability of industrial production or experimental process. Indeed, the procurement seems to save a part of the cost, in fact, the follow-up problems will be greater, the resulting manpower consumption, production losses, far greater than the savings, Wuxi Guanya LNEYA hot and cold cycle manufacturers are moderately priced, quality assurance.

  Hot and cold circulators are not recommended for products with lower prices. The price of the product is definitely the cost plus profit. If the price is too low, it will definitely make a fuss about the cost of the machine. First, the compressor, the cost of the compressor accounts for a large part of the cost, the compressor is the core component, and some manufacturers want to reduce the cost. At the same time, refurbished compressors are used as new compressors, which cannot be distinguished by ordinary users. For example, manufacturers of hot and cold circulators that purchase refurbished compressors will cause a decrease in energy consumption ratio, unstable performance, and even compressors will be scrapped soon, affecting production. Cause more damage.

  Different manufacturers of hot and cold circulators are also very different. In terms of pumps, stainless steel pumps must be more durable than ordinary casting pumps, have higher reliability, and are good for water quality, thus protecting the pipes in the mainframe. And the performance of the host is better, and the low-end manufacturers use threaded galvanized pipe joints for cost savings, which is very inconvenient for plastic hose connections.

  The advantages and disadvantages of the thermal cycler are directly related to the stability of the system and the accuracy of the temperature control. The inferior temperature control system causes frequent alarms and even shutdown.

  There are many types and models of hot and cold circulators on the market, and manufacturers are also mixed. The price difference is also different. Users can choose the hot and cold circulators that suit them according to the above analysis.

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