The reason why the semiconductor small thermostat is blocked by refrigeration

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The small semiconductor small-scale thermostat ice jam is mainly caused by the excessive moisture contained in the refrigeration system. With the continuous circulation of the refrigerant, the moisture in the refrigeration system gradually collects at the capillary outlet, in view of the relatively low temperature at the capillary outlet, the water It forms ice and gradually increases. When it reaches the necessary level, the capillary is completely blocked, the refrigerant does not recur, and the semiconductor small thermostat does not cool.

The main reason for the moisture in the small semiconductor small-scale thermostat refrigeration system is that the electromechanical insulation paper in the compressor contains water, which is the main source of moisture in the system. In addition, the residual moisture of the components of the refrigeration system and the combined pipelines due to insufficient drying; the refrigeration oil and the refrigerant contain more than the allowable amount of moisture; during the installation or maintenance process, the pipeline is in a state of development for a long time, causing moisture in the air to be Inhaled by electromechanical insulation paper and refrigerating machine oil.

In view of the fact that the above causes the water content of the refrigeration system to exceed the allowable amount of the refrigeration system, ice plugging occurs. On the one hand, ice plugs become refrigerants, and semiconductor small thermostats do not normally cool; on the other hand, water also reacts with refrigerants, synthesizes hydrochloric acid and hydrogen fluoride, and turns into corrosion of metal pipes and components. It will cause insulation damage of the electromechanical winding, and at the same time it will become the smell of the refrigerating machine oil, and the compressor will be smooth, so the water in the system is forced to operate at a relatively low limit.

The semiconductor small thermostat should try to avoid the blockage of its refrigeration system. If there is a blockage, it is also necessary to contact the technician to solve it in time.

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