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LNEYA precision test thermostat system design instructions

The lapping test thermostat is a device that is used to control the temperature of various semiconductors in the chip industry, and its temperature range is controlled to test its performance. Therefore, the lapping test thermostat system can have certain test descriptions for semiconductor and chip performance.

Temperature is an important element in the growth of animals and plants. In the process of artificial culture, people accurately control the growth conditions of animals and plants and provide them with the required temperature. Therefore, the incubator with adjustable temperature is more and more popular. Wuxi Guanya Precision Testing Thermostat is a temperature control system that uses a semi-conducting refrigerant as an actuator and uses PID algorithm to achieve temperature control to promote in-depth research on animal and plant culture. The research and test thermostat temperature sensor SHT10 collects the temperature data, and then transmits the data to the CPU. The CPU performs a PID operation and outputs a series of execution signals. Then the drive module amplifies the signal, controls the temperature actuator, and realizes the real-time temperature regulation. The interactive system completes the input of the temperature setpoint and the display of the real-time temperature.

The hardware circuit of the research and test thermostat system mainly includes the main control circuit, the temperature data acquisition circuit, the drive circuit of the temperature execution component, etc. The main control circuit is composed of a small system of single chip microcomputer, a key input circuit and a digital tube display circuit. The research and test thermostat drive circuit includes an isolation circuit, a current amplification circuit and a polarity switching circuit. The operating current is large, so the circuit is isolated by PC817, and the high-power transistors MJE3055T and 2N3773 are used to amplify the current to achieve Drive. The semiconductor refrigerating sheet has the characteristics that the cooling surface and the heating surface exchange with each other after the direction of the operating current is changed, and the relay is used to switch the polarity of the power source.

The LNEYA precision test thermostat can perform cooling and heating operations on the semiconductor chip. The temperature of the heat transfer oil outlet and the external interface can be adjusted. The system is also constantly optimized, and the performance is obvious to all.

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