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How to reduce the cost of semiconductor chip high and low temperature tester?

With the rapid development of electronic products, while the quality of products is improving, the decline in product prices is increasingly being valued by consumers. In order to reduce the price of electronic products, it is first necessary to reduce the production cost of core chips.

The test cost of semiconductor chip high and low temperature tester is an important component of production cost. The cost of test platform directly affects the test cost. The semiconductor chip high and low temperature test machine is cleaned and tested. The front oxygen sensor displays the same value as before. The sensor display value varies between 0.12-0.7V, indicating that the post-oxygen sensor has returned to normal. Clear the fault code and the OBD warning light goes out.

The semiconductor chip high and low temperature test machine needs to solve the different faults one by one. Through analysis, we find that the main cause of the high and low temperature test machine failure of the semiconductor chip is the three-way catalytic converter blockage, the valve and the piston top area carbon, After clearing the fuel system, the combustion chamber and the three-way catalytic converter, manually cleaning the throttle valve and the intake port, the fault code is cleared, and the OBD warning light is illuminated during the high and low temperature test of the semiconductor chip. The failure of the engine to accelerate is solved. By eliminating this fault, we have come to the future to encounter the deterioration of the exhaust quality of the semiconductor chip high and low temperature tester or the engine misfire damage to the three-way catalytic converter, causing the OBD warning lamp to illuminate or flash, and should use the OBD system fault code. Diagnosis and symptomatic repair with data flow to improve maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs for customers.

The function is judged by detecting the function item of the semiconductor chip high and low temperature tester. If all the functional items are tested, the chip is good. If one item does not pass, it is a defective product. Before testing this function item, the semiconductor chip high and low temperature test machine opens the input and output channel channels on the chip through the test program, and inputs a sine wave with a frequency of 1KHZ and an amplitude of ±2V, and then collects and compares the output waveform.

When purchasing a semiconductor chip high and low temperature tester, users need to consider their operating costs, choose a better way, and greatly reduce their testing costs.

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