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What is the reason why the industrial chiller system cannot be cooled

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Let the LNEYA technical engineer explain
the reason for everyone:


The first one: The chiller system fails to
lower the temperature during the first use, or there is a problem with the
installation of the industrial water chiller, cooling tower, circulating water
pump and piping. Need to check carefully according to the installation drawing.


The second one: It may be because the
pipeline is connected to various equipment for a long time, and impurities
accumulate in the water source, which causes the water flow to become smaller.
Therefore, we must clean the pipes between the equipment.


Third: If this problem occurs during the
first use, it may be caused by a mismatch of the chiller and a shipping
problem. Because the industrial water chiller has undergone 100% performance
testing before leaving the factory to ensure the normal operation of the unit.


Finally, if it is a chiller that has been
used for half a year or 1-2 years, it may be caused by a leak of Freon in the
cooling system of the chiller. It is recommended to find out the leaks,
re-soldering, and re-soldering the refrigerant. The heat exchanger of the
industrial water chiller is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Remember to clean it
regularly in the future.


The operation of any industrial water chiller
system is inseparable from the participation of refrigerants. Therefore, the
shortage of refrigerant will also affect the normal operation of industrial
chillers, leading to reduced cooling capacity or even shutdown
of industrial water chillers. This is also the main reason for the shrinking
capacity of industrial chillers.

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