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Introduction and advantages of cryogenic refrigeration system

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The medium-sized single-fluid cryogenic refrigerator produced by our company has a cooling temperature range from -150℃ to -5℃, fast cooling speed, safe and reliable, used for rapid liquid cooling, applied to high-tech such as biochemical, freeze-drying, military industry and so on.

Low temperature refrigeration system accessories composition:

1. Control panel: 7-inch color touch screen display input, temperature curve record

2. Control system: Siemens s7 series plc and modules

3. Circulating pump: LNEYA magnetic drive pump / optional Russian brand magnetic drive pump

4. Evaporator: Danfoss/Gaoli plate heat exchanger

5. Condenser: Jack-and-tube water-cooled condenser/tube-type water-cooled condenser

6. Intermediate heat exchanger: Danfoss / Gaoli plate heat exchanger / Shen’s tube heat exchanger

7. Refrigeration additional: oil separator/filter drier/expansion valve/refrigeration solenoid valve/pressure control/view mirror, etc. are all made of Emerson, Danfoss and other brands

8. Electrical: choose Schneider/ABB brand for AC contactor, intermediate relay, circuit breaker, thermal relay, etc.

9. Whether it is a fully enclosed system: the entire system is a fully enclosed system, the low temperature does not absorb moisture in the air, the system will not increase the pressure due to high temperature during operation, and the low temperature automatically supplements the heat transfer medium

Application advantages of low temperature refrigeration system:

1. Industrial refrigerators have very strong safety protection devices, including current protection devices, high and low pressure protection devices, flowing water protection devices, refrigeration compressor motor overload protectors, cold temperature protectors and temperature sensors fusible bolts .

2. The whole process of operation is very safe and protects the environment.

3. All machines and equipment use refrigerant as a preface. Engineering blasting and its harmful risks are not easy to manifest in the entire application process. The machinery and equipment can be connected with the original management system, and can also effectively replace the high-risk and high-cost furnace management system.

4. It is automatically operated on a computer, and does not require full-time personnel to supervise the entire application process. The actual operation of the centralized application management system can be effectively carried out after a long journey.

5. The control module type and unit type of mechanical equipment, assembly type structure, soft volume, can be dexterously installed in places such as balconies.

6. In the entire operation process, imported refrigeration compressors are used, which have very good ultra-low temperature constant energy.

7. Very durable and strong. The mechanical equipment can be planned as a whole according to its industrial production and application characteristics, and the application is very convenient. Materials in contact with water are anti-corrosion effects.

To Sum Up

The above is an introduction to the features, components and application advantages of the cryogenic refrigeration system. Customers who need industrial refrigeration can contact us.

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