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Purchasing Strategy of Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

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Ultra-low temperature freezer is an indispensable cryogenic storage equipment in the fields of life science, health care, biopharmaceuticals and so on. It is mainly used to store cells, tissues, test samples, vaccines, active enzymes, strains, plasmids, viruses, bacteria, blood red blood cells, white blood cells, germplasm banks and other high value-added samples at ultra-low temperature. It can also cooperate with carbon dioxide incubator and stability test box to serve in the fields of drug screening optimization and biopharmaceutical research and development.

The performance of refrigeration system determines the overall performance. If refrigeration technology is good, excellent refrigeration effect can be achieved quickly. It takes only 4-5 hours on average from room temperature to minus 8 degrees Celsius.
Temperature control system
The performance index of temperature stability is one of the important indexes to measure the ultra-low temperature refrigerator.
Safety system
Safety alarm is also an important part of cryogenic freezer. Acousto-optic alarm, high and low temperature alarm, abnormal voltage alarm, sensor fault alarm, power off alarm and more than ten alarm settings to ensure the safety of storage.
Data management system
Complete data management for users to play a multiplier effect with half the effort. Special file box for easy recording; USB data storage, support data export; large capacity data storage system, can query past temperature data through temperature curve mode.
Intimate design
Imported high efficiency compressor, low noise, low power consumption, high refrigeration efficiency.

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