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What determines the price of a brand’s refrigeration and heating circulator?

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The price of the brand’s refrigeration and heating circulator is mainly determined by the three major parts of raw materials, manufacturing costs, and technical costs, which affect the subsequent quotation.

The composition of the refrigeration heating circulator:

The brand’s refrigeration and heating circulator is composed of a shell and internal accessories. The shell is made of standard shell SUS 304, and can be customized spray (standard color 7035). Recently, affected by the national industrial policy, the price of stainless steel raw materials has been rising, especially the environmental protection limit production Directly leading to the large-scale suspension of production and restriction of raw material steel mills, it is expected that prices will continue to rise. Adhering to the principle of not cutting corners and materials, production costs have increased, while sales prices have not increased, and profit margins have been greatly reduced. The same raw materials are also affected by environmental regulation and prices have risen. Combining the rising costs of the two raw materials, price increases will be inevitable.

The internal parts compressor of the brand’s refrigeration and heating circulator products:

In addition, the internal parts of the refrigeration and heating circulator compressors of the brand choose compressors of different brands and specifications according to the different models. The main brands are Mitsubishi, Secop, Emerson Copeland, Danfoss, Italy Duling, German Blog, Bitzer, France Taikang ; The evaporator adopts high-power plate heat exchanger; the oil separator brand adopts Emerson and Guanya; the filter dryer brand adopts Danfoss and Emerson; the shock absorber tube adopts Castor and Paris; the pressure control brand adopts Danfoss, Emerson, Fengshen; The expansion valve adopts Emerson thermal expansion valve, Emerson electronic expansion valve, and Danfoss thermal expansion valve. Different expansion valves are selected for different temperatures and cooling capacities.

The processing cost of the refrigeration heating circulator brand mainly includes:

Another part of the brand’s refrigeration and heating circulator processing costs mainly include labor costs, equipment depreciation, consumables (cutter heads, coolant, etc.), of which labor costs are also increasing, the social security system is improved, and the increase in welfare benefits has increased expenditures. . However, the impact on prices is minimal, but rather stable with a decline.

In terms of technology development, Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) has a research and development team of high-quality professional designers with rich experience in the development of ultra-low temperature and high and low temperature. It always adheres to product design, component procurement, screening, and production process. The process, packaging and transportation are all strictly ISO9001-2008 international quality certification requirements standardized management, and strive for product excellence, reasonable prices, and satisfactory service.


Raw materials, manufacturing costs, and technical costs determine the price of the brand’s refrigeration and heating circulators, but the quality is determined by the manufacturer. I believe that good products can speak, and a good reputation is also based on excellent product quality.

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