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Practical application area of air-cooled chiller

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Air cooled chillers, as the name implies,
are mainly used in colleges and universities, scientific research and
laboratories. Specially for the cooling of small laboratory equipment such as
spectrometer, mass spectrometer, viscometer, rotation, fermentation device, a
rotary evaporation apparatus, etc. to make them work under the suitable working


In fact, the lab water chillers are also
called air cooled chillers. It can also be used for cooling with small
instruments or small power equipment. For example:


1. Vacuum pump and medical equipment:
molecular pump, diffusion pump, cooling blanket, X-ray machine, nuclear
magnetic resonance, accelerator;


2. Industrial equipment and other: laser
equipment, vacuum coating equipment, biological pharmacy, mold, machine tool,
vacuum furnace, welding machine, reaction kettle.


3. Matched small vacuum pumps, such as
molecular pumps, oil and gas recovery pumps, small roots pumps, rotary disc
pumps, slide valve pumps, etc. It has the advantages of convenient connection,
simple operation, stable temperature, and saving water and electricity,
providing a stable temperature environment for the vacuum equipment, and
providing the operating efficiency of the equipment.


Air cooled chillers belong to LNEYA refrigeration
heating system temperature control equipment.


Advantages and functions of temperature
control system of refrigeration:Temperature range from 120
to 350,
performance superior, unique, high – precision, intelligent temperature
control.High cooling power from 0.5 to 1200kW, highest production stability and
repeatable results.Multi-function alarm system and safety function, use plate
heat exchanger, tube type heater to increase heating and cooling rate.


No heat conduction medium evaporates at high
temperature, and it can be achieved -80
~190, -70~220, -88~170, -55~ 250, -30~ 300 continuous
temperature control without pressurization.The principle and the function has
many advantages to using staff: because only expansion of cavity in the body
heat conduction medium contact with oxygen in the air (and expansion tank
temperature at room temperature to 60
), can achieve lower
heat conduction medium absorbed by oxidation and the risk of air moisture.

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