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What Are the Differences Between Low Temperature Test Chamber and Refrigeration?

The low temperature test chamber, you can see by its name, probably means to do cryogenic test. It is more important in our refrigeration equipment. The small series of low temperature test chamber tells you that the refrigeration of low temperature test chamber under different refrigeration modes is also different. So what refrigeration modes are there? Let's have a look together with the low temperature test box.

Differentiation of low temperature test chamber by Temperature Range

Different materials in different industries have different temperature requirements for the low temperature test chamber. If the temperature you need is below 100 degrees below zero, liquid nitrogen refrigeration is recommended. If the temperature is between 0 and 100 degrees, the low temperature test chamber for compressor refrigeration is selected. Because the cryogenic temperature required by the former is lower, it is more convenient to choose liquid nitrogen.

Separation of low temperature test chamber by refrigeration. 

Generally speaking, refrigeration methods include compressor refrigeration and liquid nitrogen refrigeration. The small series of low temperature test chamber tells us that compressor refrigeration is to set refrigeration system and evaporator in the test chamber, and to set environmental protection refrigerant inside the evaporator through throttling device to evaporate inside the evaporator and absorb external heat, which is to cool the test box. If it is liquid nitrogen refrigeration, it is direct liquid nitrogen spraying inside the test box, making it endothermic vaporization, taking heat and cooling.

Differentiation of the low temperature test chamber by cooling rate. 

The cooling rate of the low temperature test chamber under different refrigeration modes is fast and slow. The low temperature test chamber with liquid nitrogen refrigeration has a faster cooling rate. At this time, you need to consider the problem of constant temperature and overshoot. On the contrary, if the low temperature test chamber with compressor refrigeration is high in cost, the cooling rate is generally set to a constant value.

By sharing these, we must have a certain understanding of the refrigeration mode of the low temperature test chamber. When you do the cryogenic test, you must choose the cryogenic test box suitable for your temperature, refrigeration and cooling rate.
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