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Various reactors and materials use PLC temperature control system

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The PLC temperature control system is used for the lifting and constant temperature control of glass reactors, metal reactors and bioreactors, especially for heat exothermic control in the reaction process. The heat transfer oil in the jacket of the reactor is heated, and the heat energy is indirectly transferred to the heating kettle in the material, so as to control the heating temperature of the reaction material. The industrial temperature control technology of the equipment has the advantages of high temperature control accuracy, fast heat conduction speed, energy saving, etc. Features.

1. Adopt imported microcomputer or PLC control, pipeline explosion-proof device; air blowing and oil return functions.

2. The oil return temperature indicator has automatic exhaust function when it is started.

3. Heating power switching function.

4. Negative pressure system pressure operation, instant cooling and start function.

5. The isolated electrical control box prolongs the service life of electrical appliances.

6. Realize automatic management; multi-point temperature control unit can be customized, and oil pump horsepower and heating power can be customized.

7. Stainless steel integrated pipeline can reduce pipeline resistance and rust;

8. The PLC temperature control system has the advantages of large temperature control range, good thermal certainty, compact structure, fast temperature rise and fall, and accurate temperature control.

9. The equipment uses the same medium to ensure the system, and there is no danger of water dissolving into the heat transfer oil and causing explosion during the heating process. Multiple heating protections also safeguard the system.

The PLC temperature control system requires users to do regular maintenance work, so as to effectively avoid failures and delay the service life of the equipment, but under the premise that the equipment is of good quality, all the manufacturers and after-sales Teams are also more important.

Our LNEYA PLC temperature control system includes SUNDI series UST series dynamic temperature control system, TCU secondary heat exchange system ZLF and SR series.

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