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How to clean air control system?

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In order to respond to the requirements of the two types of society in the country, environmental protection and conservation have become increasingly important. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the product, it is still necessary to have some knowledge of maintenance, and the most important thing to maintain is to say clean. Here, Guanya Refrigeration introduces some small methods for cleaning the air cooling system:

More traditional methods are scraping and brushing. Sweep the place where you need to clean and the brush. The dirt that cannot be easily wiped off can be scraped with a sword. The second step is to use high-pressure water or chemical cleaning (mainly pickling), only to get high-pressure water or chemical water in the place where there is dirt to carry out chemical reactions, so that the dirt can be off.

However, this more traditional method does not generally clean thoroughly, and cleaning with chemical water may also cause corrosion to the equipment and damage the machine. After the chemical waste has been washed away, it will take a lot of money to process it. Therefore, cleaning agents can be used. This is also relatively environmentally friendly, safe, and thorough in cleaning. Generally, oxidation does not occur, which is beneficial to the service life of the air cooling system.

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