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Part of LNEYA Equipment Function Introduction

1.1.1 The industrial chillers(SUNDI series) is applied to cooling and heating the reactor, especially suitable for the process of heating and exothermic process. It can control the material temperature in the reactor, can choose the program control mode. The heat conduction medium and the material temperature difference can also be set.The whole system adopts full closed cycle, which does not produce oil mist at high temperature and absorb water at low temperature. In the system, there is an expansion tank.There is an expansion tank in the system. During the heating process of refrigeration, the thermal conductivity of the heating medium expands and shrinks.

1.1.2 The heating and Cooling Machine(HR/HRT series) is applied to cooling and heating the reactor, especially suitable for the process of heating and exothermic process. It mainly controls heat-conducting medium temperature.

1.1.3 The main function of Water/Air cooled Chiller (LX/LT/FL series) is controlling the temperature of distillation crystallization purification system, cooling the heating part of semiconductor manufacturing device, laser device and other industrial machine heating parts.

1.1.4 The heating circulator (UC series) is applied to high temperature heating process. The liquid circulation of the whole system is closed, no oil mist evaporate at high temperature.The heat conduction oil will not be oxidation and Browning. The UC series with water cooled can realize temperature control from the high temperature of 200 ℃ to 50 ℃ through water.

1.1.5The recirculating air control system (AI series) is mainly applied in high temperature and low temperature constant temperature test of electronics industry. This series cools through air not by water.

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