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Installation method of heating and cooling temperature control system for automobile motor

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In chemical and pharmaceutical, chemical laboratories, pilot plants and other industrial processes, the heating and cooling temperature control system is the most used equipment for temperature control in chemical manufacturing, so a highly dynamic temperature control system is required. When controlling the reactor temperature, exothermic and endothermic reactions must be compensated for with high speed and reliability. Selection must take into account a variety of influences and conditions. What aspects should users pay attention to when installing?

1. Before configuring the power supply, please check whether the machine is damaged during transportation, whether the power cord is damaged, whether the body is deformed, whether the inner loop is in good condition, and whether the inner box is kept clean.

2. Non-technical personnel are not allowed to carry out maintenance and inspection of the machine, and must carry out disassembly and inspection under the condition of power failure to avoid electric shock and fire.

3. The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage input to the machine should not exceed the allowable range, and the grounding wire must be good, otherwise it will affect the performance of the machine.

4. Position the machine in a safe space before wiring, and at the same time ensure that the wiring is consistent with the rated current and voltage of the machine to prevent electric shock or accidents.

5. The heat transfer medium (usually water, ethanol, silicone oil, etc.) is driven by the pump from the fuel tank equipped with the built-in heater to the temperature control device, and then from the temperature control device back to the fuel tank. The controller adjusts the temperature of the thermal fluid according to the temperature of the thermal fluid measured by the temperature sensor or the internal temperature of the temperature control device, thereby adjusting the temperature of the temperature control device.

LNEYA automotive motor heating and cooling temperature control system can meet the process requirements of heating and cooling at different temperatures in a wider temperature range, or use the same heat transfer oil in the same system to achieve high temperature heating and low temperature cooling process requirements at the same time. That is, the complexity of the system and operation can be reduced, the thermal efficiency of the system can be improved, and the maintenance workload of equipment and pipelines can be reduced.

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