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The hemp, cannabis, and CBD/THC industry is taking off. Efficient and effective equipment is required to maintain the quality of CBD and THC oils. Oils can go rancid and break down without proper preservation. Re-outfitting a refrigerator or alcohol chiller might have worked for your competitors for a while, Heat is a destructive element when oils are concerned. Even with something as innocent as body temperature, oils begin to degrade, with heat breaking down the bonds that hold together the lipids in an oil compound.

Removing heat from the process in not only extraction, but also storage, ensures a quality product with consistent concentrations. When you have a consistently high-quality product, you will be able to edge out the competition and deliver only the best results to your customers . All the way down to temps of -40 degrees of consistent chilling conditions, you can rest assured that your extracted oils are getting the best treatment to yield the best results.

Cannabis Extraction Chillers are used in the separation and refining process of CBD or THC to reduce the time required to reach the critical temperature of the process that can be activated in the next processing stage.
Cannabinoids (THC, CBN and CBD) from the plants require precise cooling to avoid damage.
Low temperature extraction chillers and temperature control accessories, integrated into the THC and CBD extraction processes, produce the below freezing temperatures needed to seperate cannabinoids. The processes usually involved are ethanol extraction, supercritical CO2, vacuum distillation, short-path distillation, film/wiping Membrane distillation, rotary evaporator, etc.

Hemp extraction involves the separation of cannabinoids from other chemicals and fibers in hemp. During the extraction process, the liquid slowly circulates through the plant fibers at sub-zero temperature. The hemp extraction cooler is designed to maintain a consistent temperature and remove heat to ensure a high-quality product.

LNEYA offers a variety of chiller sizes and cooling levels for the CBD industry. Our ultra-low temperature chillers protect your critical materials and equipment, and increase efficiency.

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