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Necessity Of New Energy Electric Vehicle Battery Test System

The battery performance of new energy vehicles directly determines the experience of new energy vehicle end users. The electric vehicle battery test system needs to test the performance reliability of new energy vehicle batteries. With the development of technology, its requirements are also higher. .

With the continuous development of new energy applications, the performance of power batteries for new energy vehicles has received extensive attention. Therefore, testing the ability to evaluate power batteries and portable lithium batteries, providing safe and reliable batteries is particularly important in the development of new energy vehicles and consumer electronics.

The electric vehicle battery test system includes basic performance, cycle performance and safety performance. The battery performance requirements for different applications are different, and the test content of portable lithium battery and power battery will be more or less. Power batteries are more demanding than portable lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, in terms of basic performance, in addition to battery core charge and discharge, battery capacity and internal resistance test, battery pack/module charge and discharge performance and internal resistance are also required. test. In terms of safety performance, in addition to conventional battery cell temperature detection and battery safety monitoring, it is also necessary to test the battery pack/module temperature, BMS communication and VCU simulation of the power battery.

We all know that electric vehicle battery test system in the actual battery test experiment, the conventional test program will have some drawbacks, including long test time, and no equivalent test method can compress the test time; there will be battery leakage when testing battery safety performance Risk of explosion or the like; it is impossible to provide repetitive test results, and it is difficult to reproduce the fault when the test test fails.

In order to solve these problems, Wuxi Guanya LNEYA proposed a new solution - electric vehicle battery test system, testing hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles, hydrogen engine vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles, other new energy vehicles Medium-precision permanent magnet synchronous motor, switched reluctance motor, asynchronous motor and its controller are tested with precision temperature control equipment. The main parts are all international brands and quality assurance.

At present, Wuxi Guanya LNEYA electric vehicle battery test system can test new energy vehicle batteries and motors, and establish a new battery temperature control test system.
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