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What Will Happen to the Over-Cooling of the Low Temperature Chiller?

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As we all know, the low temperature chiller is a kind of professional refrigeration design widely used in industry. Although it can provide an effective cryogenic environment, there are some abnormal phenomena in over-refrigeration. Usually, the lowest temperature of the low temperature chiller can only reach – 40 degrees. The main reason is limited by the limit operating conditions of single-stage piston compressor. If the evaporator temperature of the chiller is too low, the following problems will arise when it exceeds the limit operating conditions.

If the low temperature chiller is excessively refrigerated, it will have a great impact on the use function of the low temperature chiller product itself. The actual compression process deviates from the equal compression process to a great extent. The compressor gas transmission coefficient of the chiller decreases, and the compressor gas transmission capacity will be greatly reduced. This is very disadvantageous to the service life of the low temperature chiller products.  

If the low temperature chiller is over-refrigerated for a long time, the influence on the compressor inside the low temperature chiller can not be ignored. When the compressor is over refrigerated, the exhaust temperature of the compressor is too high, and the lubricating oil on the cylinder surface of the compressor becomes thinner, which makes the lubricating condition worse. It may even cause the carbonization of lubricating oil, the phenomenon of cylinder pulling and the improper sealing of valve plates.

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