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What are the maintenance of glycol chillers in daily operation?

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In the daily operation of the glycol chiller, if the maintenance is not in place, the cooling effect will be reduced. Therefore, in order to improve the operating efficiency, we recommend that you carry out the necessary daily maintenance.

Refrigeration system inspection: Generally, after long-term use of ethylene glycol chillers, various problems will inevitably occur. In the event of a failure, the use of each part of the machine should be carefully checked, focusing on the refrigeration system, electrical system, air system and water system to determine whether their functions are normal. We usually examine them by sound and appearance. If there is a problem, it is recommended to replace it in time.

Refrigerant inspection: Regularly check whether the refrigerant of the glycol chiller leaks: It can be determined by referring to the parameters displayed by the high and low pressure meter on the front panel of the main unit. According to the temperature change of the air temperature (winter and summer), the pressure display of the glycol chiller is also different. When the low temperature chiller is working normally, the high pressure shows 11-17kg, and the low pressure shows 3-5kg.

Cooling water system inspection: It is normal to check whether the cooling water system of the ethylene glycol chiller is normal, whether the cooling water tower fan and water spray shaft are in good operation, and whether the water supply in the built-in water tank of the chiller is normal.
System cleaning: Glycol chillers should be cleaned annually after six months of use. The main cleaning parts include cooling water tower, cooling water pipe and condenser to ensure good cooling effect.

Voltage and current inspection: Regularly check whether the voltage and current of the glycol chiller are stable and whether the compressor is running normally. When the glycol chiller works normally, the voltage is 380V and the current is in the range of 11a-15a.

The above aspects are some of the areas that require routine maintenance. Of course, there are many other details that need your attention.

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