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What are the effects of oil level and oil difference in low temperature chillers?

LNEYA tells you that in addition to the refrigeration system, the lubricating oil system is also an important part, with its own oil storage and special oil cooler.

Oil level

It refers to the level of the lubricant in the oil storage container. The oil storage container of the low temperature chiller is provided with an oil level display device. Generally, the oil level in the oil storage container should be 5 mm below the central horizontal line of the mirror. The purpose of specifying the height of the oil level is to ensure that the amount of oil required to form an oil circuit is sufficient when the pump is in operation. If the oil level is too low, it may cause the pump to be insufficient, causing malfunction or damage to the equipment.

Oil pressure difference

It is the guarantee that the lubricating oil is driven by the oil pump to flow to the working parts in the oil system pipeline to overcome the flow resistance. Without sufficient oil pressure difference, there is no guarantee that the lubricating system of the cold and low temperature chiller has sufficient lubrication and cooling oil and the power required to drive the energy regulating device. Therefore, the low temperature chiller manufacturer reminds that the oil pressure difference of the oil system It must be ensured within a reasonable range so that the moving parts of the unit can be fully lubricated and cooled, and the energy adjustment device can be flexibly operated.

Oil temperature

Oil temperature refers to the temperature of the lubricating oil when the low temperature chiller is working. The temperature of the oil will have an important effect on the viscosity of the lubricant. If the oil temperature is too low, the viscosity of the oil increases, the fluidity decreases, and a uniform oil film is not easily formed, so that the desired lubrication effect cannot be achieved, and the flow speed of the oil is lowered, the lubrication amount is reduced, and the power consumption of the oil pump is reduced. Increase; oil temperature is too high, the viscosity of the oil will drop, the oil film will not reach a certain thickness, so that the running parts are difficult to withstand the necessary working pressure, resulting in deterioration of the lubrication condition, causing the wear of the moving parts to intensify, causing the chiller to malfunction.

Through the above explanation, I believe that everyone understands the impact of oil level and oil difference. In order to better use the low temperature chiller, we still need to know carefully about these operating points!
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