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Introduction to Low Temp Chillers

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Low temp chiller is a kind of refrigeration equipment which can provide cold source below 0℃. It generally refers to the use temperature from 5 to 35℃. The refrigerant can be carried by ethylene glycol or calcium chloride aqueous solution, and the evaporator with higher concentration needs anticorrosive treatment. The compression ratio of low temp chiller to the compressor is higher, so most cryogenic fields adopt a more complex system than a single compressor. Cascade compression or two-stage compression; Low temp chiller runs smoothly and reliably, is not easy to damage, and has low noise. Because the compressor lubricating oil is supplied by a high and low pressure difference, the built-in oil of the compressor has high oil separation efficiency. In today’s society, the application of refrigeration equipment is more and more extensive. Modern refrigeration devices are all cooled by chillers. The market prospect of chillers is promising. The advanced countries in chiller development technology are still some developed countries in the West. Combined their development trend with the actual situation of their country, they vigorously improve the shape of the chiller, constantly improve the performance of the chiller to achieve the effect of smaller size and greater efficiency of the chiller. Nowadays, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the maturity of water chiller development technology, miniaturization and high- efficiency water chillers have become a new trend. At the same time, in order to adapt to the rapid development of industrial production, more personalized and more practical products will continue to emerge.

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