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Performance Test of Household Refrigerator Designed by Environmental Chamber Sales

Many performance items of household refrigerators are tested under a specific environmental condition. The thermal condition of the air distribution in the environmental chamber is more severe than that in the general artificial constant temperature and humidity climate chamber. Therefore, it is difficult to arrange the air supply system in accordance with the usual air conditioning design method to meet the needs of the refrigerator test environment. At present, there is no systematic and mature design scheme for the environmental chamber used for the performance test of refrigerators in China. The household refrigerator production has developed rapidly in our country, the refrigerator performance detection means is perfect. In recent years many refrigerator manufacturers and home appliance testing stations, has established a laboratory for refrigerator performance detection of constant temperature and humidity environment, but up to the relevant standards of the international qiao 0 and gb refrigerator environmental laboratory is few in number. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the design of the environment room for performance testing of household refrigerators

Thermal parameters of environmental chamber sales like temperature, humidity and wind velocity field. According to the relevant standards for the performance test of household refrigerators (including 1507371-85, national standard (submitted for approval), etc.), the environment for the performance test of refrigerators should meet the following requirements: temperature field; In each test environment temperature conditions, required in the center of each refrigerator horizontal plane, each temperature fluctuations during the stability test value is not more than 0.5 ℃.
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