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Introduction to Heated Water Circulator System

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The heated water circulation system (commonly known as hot treasure, backwater, heated water speeder, circulating water, heated water circulator, heated water preheater, preheating circulating system, etc.) is to solve the problem that hot water with suitable temperature can not be used in time before using heated water (commonly known as cooling water) due to the long pipeline of central heated water system,.
Nowadays, heated water circulation system has been very popular, such as hotels, residential buildings, and so on. It can always be used in a few seconds when we need to use hot water, which is undoubtedly the contribution of heated water circulation system. The heated water circulation system is no longer the same as before, needing to drain the cold water in the hot water pipe, in order to use hot water.

Heated water circulation system

In the centralized life heated water circulator, hot water is delivered to all users through the water supply network. Due to the different types of buildings and user habits, the supply of sanitary hot water is discontinuous and changeable, coupled with the long extension distance of the pipeline network, some branches will be as long as tens of meters, which will lead to the natural cooling of water in the pipeline. In addition to reducing water comfort, this situation can also lead to serious health problems, such as legionella breeding.

To prevent these problems, there are two main ways to solve them:

1. Use electric tracing system to keep the life temperature of hot water in water supply pipe be in a stable state;
2. Use heated water circulation system.
The use of electric tracing system is limited to the terminal or small system of pipeline network because of the problems of power consumption and unable to cover the whole branch of the system.

Heated water circulation is the most commonly used system because it has the following advantages:

• Keep all outlet temperatures as design temperatures within the scheduled time.
• Prevent waste of water caused by natural cooling of stagnant water in pipeline;
• Keep the water flowing continuously to prevent the stagnant water from forming biofilm in the pipeline.
• Prevent legionella from reproduction.
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