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With the development of society, the chemical industry has been further developed, and the temperature system control of the reactor has been strengthened, so as to ensure that the monitoring environment is in a good state, to ensure that the temperature condition is debugged in real time through the man-machine interface, and that the production process meets relevant requirements . Based on this, Wuxi Guanya launched the high and low temperature cycle device.

The reactor is used in the process of chemical production. The equipment has its own characteristics. The entire chemical reaction is complex, and the reaction mechanism is also complicated. It is also affected by many factors, mainly the type of catalyst, external conditions, Changes in the amount of raw materials added will directly affect the normal operation of the system. During the chemical reaction, because some methods are more complicated, mainly in terms of conversion rate, in order to ensure the quality, it is very important to strengthen the control of the reaction temperature.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the temperature control of the reactor is mainly affected by the process system of chemical reaction. Therefore, in order to better control the temperature of the reactor, you need to be familiar with the relevant process system. However, because the temperature control of the high and low temperature cycle device is more complicated, it needs to be carried out in the following aspects in practical applications:
① Control the heating system to ensure that the reaction temperature is at a constant state.
② Effectively control the shape and structure of the kettle, and at the same time, ensure the tightness of the entire process and ensure product quality.
③ Focus on strengthening pressure control to ensure that the entire reaction process is adequate to prevent dangerous situations.
④Ensure that the entire automation control system is more economical and reliable, and that the temperature is within the normal range, which can effectively reduce the reaction time.

Difficulties in control As far as the current situation is concerned, there are still many difficulties in controlling the reactor, mainly in the following aspects:

1. During the chemical reaction, a series of changes will occur in the heating system, and the whole process and its susceptibility to the external environment, coupled with the obvious difference in the change trend during the reaction, will make the reaction kettle become A non-linear system.
2. The characteristics of the high and low temperature circulation device reactor are that the volume and heat capacity are very large, and endothermic and exothermic reactions can occur at any time. Therefore, the entire process time will be longer when collecting.
3. When the polymerization reaction occurs in the reactor, the chemical raw materials are changing, which will cause changes in the process and materials, and a series of endothermic and exothermic reactions will occur. Therefore, it is very complicated for the chemical production itself. .
4. In chemical production, the reaction will be exothermic, which will cause the heat to be uneven. If it is not discharged in time, it will increase the temperature in the kettle and cause “poly explosion”. If too much waste heat is released, the overall stability will decline, and the product quality will be affected. Therefore, it is very important to control the reaction temperature.

The stirrer used in the reaction kettle of the high and low temperature circulation device has requirements on the rotation speed. The motor is mainly adapted to the agitation of the reducer for the entire movement process. For vertical installation of the reducer, it is necessary to ensure that the lubrication is in a good condition, without vibration and leakage, and always in a normal operating state. This requires the strengthening of daily maintenance control. The reducer will vibrate during the rotation. The main reason is the following aspects, which need to be adjusted in time for these aspects.

Reaction kettle supporting high and low temperature circulation device
(1) When the reactor is in operation, it must be carried out in strict accordance with relevant standards to prevent over-temperature and over-pressure.
(2) strictly control the temperature according to requirements.

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