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Precautions for non-use of reactor water-cooled chiller shutdown

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When the reactor water-cooled chiller has
complete accessories, in actual use, it is necessary to provide it with regular
rest time. In order to maintain stable performance of the chiller during
long-term operation, users need to master the method of stopping operation
according to actual use requirements to reduce excessive wear and tear of the


1. When it is necessary to shut down, first
consider ensuring that the reactor water-cooled chiller is within the shutdown
range, and then perform all shutdown operations. In order to avoid the
generation of high pressure, the user needs to close the suction shut-off valve
and stop the compressor.


2. After the compressor of the chiller is
shut down, the oil pump needs to be operated. Return the slide valve of the
freezer to the 0 mark position, so that the load reduction reaches zero. At
this time, the oil pump will immediately stop all operations.


3. For the reactor water-cooled chiller,
the operation of the water pump and the cooling water tower needs to be stopped
in the later stage. After stopping such devices, you can turn off the entire
power supply and complete the entire shutdown process. Ensure that the
reactor’s water-cooled chiller is in a shutdown state.


Precautions for the shutdown of the
water-cooled chiller of the reactor:

1. If the machine is shut down for a long
time, special treatment is required. Including the condenser and the
evaporator, all refrigerants need to be pumped into the condenser, and all
water sources must be discharged at the same time to avoid corrosion and other


2. After the shutdown is completed, various
accessories need to be carefully tested. The shutdown process is special, and
the correct shutdown procedure can prolong the service life of the equipment.


For long-term closed reactor water-cooled
chillers, careful testing is required to ensure that the equipment is kept away
from various corrosive substances. When our LNEYA equipment is delivered to the
user, there will be a detailed instructions for use. The content includes the
handling methods and precautions of the water-cooled water chiller at the use
site, in order to reduce equipment failure and protect the user For the
efficiency of use, please contact us for details.

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