LNEYA data center liquid cooling solution
Liquid Cooled CDU Distribution Unit

Cold plate liquid cooling CDU-15kW

LNEYA relies on its strong R&D, construction, and operation and maintenance capabilities in the field of data centers to launch a cold-plate liquid-cooled CDU with a new air-liquid architecture. Building construction and renovation of old machine rooms, with excellent PUE indicators throughout the year, green, energy-saving, safe and reliable operation.

Applications: Renovation of small and medium-sized old data center

Energy saving, high efficiency and superior performance

Air-liquid structure, heat dissipation up to 12KW, green and energy-saving, system PUE≤1.2
Standard plug-in design, flexible layout, height is only 5U. Improve the rate of cabinets in the computer room
Front, side inlet, rear outlet air duct design, optimized airflow organization, cold and hot aisle isolation

Easy to install and easy to maintain

Does not involve the primary side pipeline layout, reducing the risk of pipeline laying, engineering quantity and water entering the machine room
Modular design, highly integrated products, easy installation, easy maintenance interface, standard quick connection, two-way cut-off of the flow channel, direct plug-in and maintenance of the pipeline on site
Renovation is simple. The old computer room can rely on the existing refrigeration system, only need to add liquid cooling equipment and modify the server

Intelligent optimization of remote operation

System status analysis, real-time regulation of refrigerant flow, flow velocity and air volume, load balancing
Liquid product touch screen on-site and host computer remote centralized monitoring, human-computer interaction
Friendly interface
Anti-condensation control, liquid leakage detection, enhanced anti-interference design, high stability Support Modbus-RTUTCPMP communication

Safe and reliable system stability

Double-pump 2N redundant frequency conversion design, automatic switching in case of failure; when the two pumps are running at the same time, overclocking can increase the heat transfer by about 10%
Low-noise dual-fan design, when a single fan fails, the entire liquid cooling system will not stop
Expansion tank for pressure stabilization, full-scale group system design, leakage concealment reduction
High-efficiency pure copper micro-channel heat exchanger, highly compatible with pure steel liquid cold plate, improving system reliability



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