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Points for attention in the selection of industrial heating and cooling machines

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In food factories, pharmaceutical factories, biology, new material processing, and chemical plants, the raw materials in the reactor need to be cooled rapidly during the industrial production process involved in the reactor. In order to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling, it is necessary to directly cool down the reactor, so as to achieve the purpose of indirectly reducing the temperature of the material in the reactor.

At present, there are about three temperature control schemes for temperature ranges:
1. The room temperature type (5°C~35°C) is suitable for rapid cooling of general temperature. Davos recommends air-cooled chillers or water-cooled chillers according to the model;
2. The low-temperature type (-5°C~-40°C) is suitable for the process required for low-temperature reaction, and the general refrigerant is a mixed solution of ethylene glycol/sodium chloride and calcium chloride;
3. The ultra-low temperature type (-40°C~-115°C) is suitable for some special raw materials and processes to cool down. Purchase low-temperature cascade or two-stage refrigeration solutions.

Then our LNEYA has temperature control schemes for the 3 temperature sections, but the low-temperature chiller has a mixed liquid of ethylene glycol and water. The ultra-low temperature chiller adopts the exclusive technology single-machine self-cascading technology, secondary supercooling, and single fluid. In line with the commonly used cooling and heating equipment for reactors, there are different types of equipment for different working conditions. Commonly used models include SUNDISRHR, etc., with different powers, different temperature ranges, and different models.

Points to note about the selection of heating coolers: Pay attention to whether the site conditions of the project are air-cooled or water-cooled. If it is water-cooled, there must be a water source that meets the conditions on site. The temperature range is relatively wide, and the wider the temperature control condition, the more expensive the price is, but sometimes you can’t use such a wide temperature range, you can choose according to your actual temperature range, cooling or heating, or cooling and heating at the same time, so that Choose according to your exact working conditions. Attention should be paid to the flow rate of the inlet and outlet of the matching reactor, do not choose large or small.

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