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New energy vehicle high and low temperature test system

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With the popularity of new energy vehicles, high and low temperature tests have become a factor that car owners need to consider when purchasing new energy vehicles. Since the environment in which new energy vehicles are used is harsher, it is also very important to conduct high and low temperature tests on vehicles. At present, there are two common high and low temperature test methods for new energy vehicles on the market: one is to conduct high and low temperature tests through laboratory simulators; the other is to use measuring instruments to test the performance of new energy vehicles under different temperature conditions. Either way, it is necessary to understand and analyze the relevant information of new energy vehicles in order to determine the best solution.

In the automotive industry, test benches, aging tests, quality control and inspection of various engine components are part of daily business. For example, you must always be able to rely on pressurized water or the correct temperature in an injection molding machine. You can do just that with temperature controls for the automotive industry from our product portfolio.

Of course, our product range includes various other temperature control equipment to keep you up to date with your temperature control processes in the automotive industry.

Our KRY cooling heating thermostats enable you to operate in an operating temperature range of -40 to 100°C. It can be equipped with various test benches for testing to meet the quality test of the whole vehicle. Ideal for outdoor installations, our LT recirculating coolers ensure high cooling capacity even in continuous operation and are available in 2 versions, air-cooled and water-cooled.

LNEYA’s test temperature control system KRY series is used for the temperature of each temperature control point, including the temperature of the energy storage water tank, the temperature of the external circulation water tank, the temperature of the motor, and the return water temperature. The temperature control system adopts PT100 armored temperature sensor for temperature data collection, and uses PLC controller as temperature controller to automatically control the temperature of each node of the whole system. Fast cooling and temperature control:
The chiller for the motor test bench can meet the direct cooling in the range of -45 ~ 135 ℃, and at the same time maintain a small amount of water in the external circulation water tank during operation, and can still accurately control the temperature. The temperature value, temperature conversion rate and flow value can be set remotely, programmed to run according to the set curve, and the temperature value, flow value and pressure value can be read in real time.

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