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How to Deal with Fault of Conpressor after Cold Plate Freezer for Sale?

In the operation of the cryogenic refrigerator refrigeration system, once the compressor fault occurs, it will affect the operation of the cryogenic refrigerator. So what are the faults that affect the compressor? How do clients settle it if the compressor fault occurs after cold plate freezer for sale? Before dealing with the compressor fault, we should understand these clearly, as for how to deal with the compressor fault. After the compressor of the cryogenic refrigerator breaks down and the original damaged cryogenic compressor is removed, it requires to carry out nitrogen pollution treatment on system and then connect the new refrigeration compressor system. Next, in order not to generate an oxide film on the inner wall of the copper tube during welding operation, is recommended to inject nitrogenit, and the time for it should be sufficient.

When replacing the compressor of the cryogenic refrigerator, it needs to pay attention not to use the replaced cryogenic refrigerator compressor as a vacuum pump to empty the air in the pipeline of the external machine, otherwise it will burn down the compressor, all uses vacuum pumps for vacuuming. In addition, when the refrigeration compressor is replaced, add an appropriate amount of frozen oil corresponding to the compressor.

When replacing the compressor of the cryogenic refrigerator, attention should be paid to prevent the excessive amount of frozen oil in the system, otherwise, the heat transfer effect of the system will be reduced, resulting in high pressure of the system and damage to the system as well as the compressor.

After the installation of the compressor of the cryogenic refrigerator, it is necessary to check whether the radiator works normally. If the system pressure exceeds the normal pressure (13-15kg), it will cause the clutch to slip, the bearing, the coil can be burnt out or the compressor can be damaged.

After cold plate freezer for sale, the compressor fault is solved and it is installed, at the same time, check whether other accessories are affected during installation and disassembly, and put into operation after confirmation.
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