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Daily Maintenance Tips For Ultra Low Temperature Recirculating Chillers?

To ensure normal operation of the ultra low temperature recirculating chillers after startup, it must be ensured that the condenser of the ultra low temperature recirculating chiller has good heat dissipation, otherwise the high temperature protection device of the ultra-low temperature circulating chiller will stop and even break down due to the condensing temperature and the corresponding condensing pressure, causing a malfunction. The cold water in the evaporator should be circulated, otherwise the cold water temperature will be low, causing the cold water temperature protection device to stop and break down, or because the evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporation pressure are too low, the low-pressure protection device of the chiller will stop and even cause the cold water in the evaporator freezes and damages the equipment.

1. In order to ensure the good performance of the unit, please keep the chiller in a good environment, with good ventilation and low temperature.

2. After turning off the compressor, turn off the cooling fan.

3. Every 6 months or when the performance of the chiller drops, please clean the condenser and check that the operating valve is in a normal state.

4. The optimum working pressure of the condenser should be less than 1.5MPa. Check and clean the condenser frequently to maintain the best performance of the machine.

5. For air-cooled machines, ensure that the machine is well ventilated and that the condenser is regularly maintained.

6. If it is not used for a long time, sometimes the pump impeller will be blocked by the sediment, so turn the pump cooling fan by hand before using the machine.

7. During the work, the parameters should be recorded in a timely and correct manner.

8. If there is an alarm stop during the operation, the relevant personnel should be notified in time to check the unit. If the fault cannot be eliminated, the factory can be directly contacted.

9. During the operation of the unit, it is strictly forbidden to short sub the water flow switch to avoid freezing the water pipe.

10. Machine rooms should be equipped with appropriate safety equipment and maintenance testing tools, such as pressure gauges, thermometers, etc., and the tools should be stored in a fixed position.
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