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All analysis of refrigerant changing process of industrial chiller unit

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Refrigerant is an indispensable part of the refrigeration system of the industrial chiller. During the operation of the industrial refrigeration unit, the refrigerant constantly changes in the industrial refrigeration unit to achieve the cooling effect, so what changes have occurred in the industrial refrigeration unit refrigerant!

Let me introduce you to the process of refrigerant changes in industrial refrigeration units. What are the relevant contents?

Refrigerant change process of industrial refrigeration unit:

The whole process of refrigerant compression

When the bottom pressure refrigerant vapor enters the tail end of the air conditioner evaporator of the industrial chiller to the refrigeration compressor and is reduced to work, its working pressure quickly rises to the cold working pressure, because the refrigerant vapor is reduced and discharged in an instant Come out, so the heat will not be transferred to the external natural environment, you can feel that this is a whole process of insulation reduction.

The whole process of refrigerant cooling

After the refrigerant high-pressure saturated steam enters the cooler of the industrial chiller, the cooler will continuously take out the heat in the refrigerant, and then the refrigerant will be converted from the high-pressure saturated steam to saturated water vapor, and will change during the continuous cooling process. Saturated liquid refrigerant.

Refrigerant throttling process

When the liquid refrigerant in the saturated state passes through the throttling devices of the industrial chiller, such as capillaries and expansion valves, the working pressure of the refrigerant is quickly released, and the temperature of the refrigerant slowly decreases to the volatilization temperature. At this time, the refrigerant (refrigerant) is in a state where the liquid phase and the high-efficiency liquid phase coexist, but the refrigerant liquid accounts for the vast majority, and the refrigerant vapor accounts for a relatively small part.

The whole process of refrigerant evaporation and heat absorption

After the refrigerant enters the air conditioner evaporator of the industrial chiller from the throttling device, the vapor-liquid compound continuously digests and absorbs the heat generated from the refrigerant in the circulation system and vaporizes into a vapor refrigerant, the refrigerant (water, B Glycol or salt water) is continuously cooled and the cooling capacity is output to the operating machinery and equipment, and the volatile refrigerant is sucked into the refrigeration compressor to carry out the next process of reducing the circulation system.

Refrigerant is an indispensable part of the refrigeration unit of industrial chillers, and people often call it refrigerant (also known as refrigerant). During the entire operation process, the refrigerant continuously circulates in the refrigeration unit of the industrial chiller and changes according to its own conditions to maintain the cooling effect. The refrigerant digests and absorbs the heat generated by the refrigerated substance (water, gas, etc.) in the air conditioner evaporator and vaporizes, and transfers the heat to the surrounding gas or water in the cooler for suspicion. Its characteristics are immediately related to the actual cooling effect, rationality, safety factor and operation management method of the refrigeration equipment, so it is necessary to have a certain grasp of the characteristics of the refrigerant.

The main uses of refrigerants are very common, and there are many types. At this stage, there have been more than 80 kinds, and they are continuously increasing. Among them, there are more than ten kinds of foods. The main uses are wide range R12, R22, R717, R134a, R404A, R407C, and R22 are more used in industrial chillers.

The above is the editor’s introduction to the process of refrigerant changes in industrial refrigeration units! I believe that everyone should already know something. Today I will introduce so much to you. If you still do n’t understand anything, I will always answer it for you!

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