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Plate-Freezer - MC

Application In Quick-Frozen Of Blood Plasma And Blood, Food:

Plate Freezer - MC can be applied to food, medical and hospital fields such as quick freezing of blood plasma, quick freezing of blood, quick freezing of food, etc. For example, Cryopreservation and testing of cryopreserved red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bacteria, semen, biological products, and special materials. Using the top brand compressor of the new generation of single compressor self cascade refrigeration technology, refrigerating with aluminum plate refrigeration and air cooling double circulation mode, improving the heat transfer ability and heat transfer effect of the system, the cooling system with faster cooling speed, energy saving, high efficiency and low noise can ensure the reliability of the low temperature preservation of the articles.

The control system with 7-inch color touchscreen input and reality, real-time temperature record, temperature curve record and USB data provide intelligent management function. High and low voltage protection and high low voltage display, condensation temperature display and protection, multiple fault alarm (overtemperature alarm, sensor alarm, high voltage alarm, compressor overheating alarm, shutdown delay protection), all parts are safely grounded, and the safety and reliability of the storage system are provided by the perfect safety system. Therefore, Plate Freezer - MC can be widely used in video and hospital health.

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