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Detailed Electric Vehicle Motor Test And Test System

New energy vehicles need to have power system, drive system, control system integration test capability, and electronic electronic control test system function test capability. For component manufacturers, this test development capability is also the most important, electric vehicle. The motor test test items include general performance, environmental test, temperature rise test, motor torque characteristics and efficiency tests.

The common motor test system for new energy vehicles has a dynamometer system. The new energy electric vehicle motor test system of Wuxi Guanya LNEYA Constant Temperature Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. includes the front section power supply test DC power supply (battery simulator), dynamometer, frequency converter, The instrumentation required for testing, etc., is also a motor-to-tow test system for the electric vehicle motor test. The system includes the front-end power supply test DC power supply (battery simulator), and the instrumentation required for testing.

The motor controller power supply part of the test device can be in the form of a dual quadrant DC power supply or a DC power supply plus a DC load. The performance and reliability of the test power supply directly determines the experimental ability of the system, so there are certain requirements for the power supply, such as: the power output has a fast dynamic response characteristics (sudden loading, sudden load reduction, charge and discharge conversion, etc.) Meet various working conditions; high reliability and stability of power supply and conversion efficiency, have obvious advantages in product stability and reliability; power supply should have high output accuracy, can easily meet the accuracy requirements of test systems; It should have double quadrant characteristics, can absorb the electric energy fed back by the motor, effectively avoid voltage or current overshoot; meet the requirements of the standard for power supply in the test of the motor and its controller, and meet the voltage and current characteristics of the vehicle battery.

Wuxi Guanya KRY electric vehicle motor test is used in the new energy vehicle motor test, its accessories are branded accessories, the running performance is more reliable.

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