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Guanya Refrigeration, a Brand Enterprise of Refrigeration Chillers, Leads the New Development

Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Guanya Refrigeration") brand "LNEYA" in English, specialized in refrigeration equipment, cryo chillers, ultra-low temperature freezer, refrigeration, and heating temperature control system, heating circulation system, explosion-proof electrical equipment, automation integrated distributed control system, the experimental apparatus, and development, production and sales of Industrial freezer. As a brand manufacturer in the refrigeration industry of Wuxi, the establishment and development of Guanya Refrigeration have attracted much attention in the market.

Guanya Refrigeration, since its inception, has earned a good brand image and many industry patents that wins a huge market reputation of the competitive advantage for the company, establishing the company's dominant position in the refrigeration and heating equipment industry.

Guanya Refrigeration's strict quality control system provides a favorable guarantee for its rapid business development. From product selection to production and processing, from pre-delivery debugging to logistics and distribution, financial settlement, after-sales service, the complete system improves the standardization and process of the company's operation.

After ten years of continuous development, Guanya Refrigeration, from 2006 to 2017, follows the market pace, taking the refrigeration and heating equipment industry to market and user demand as the orientation, the science and technology as the center. It applies the international advanced technology and innovates constantly to meet market demand, becoming the industry's well-known brand. From in refrigeration heating thermostat system in 2006, to refrigeration and heating temperature controlling system in 2017, refrigeration and heating circulator, cryogenic refrigeration cycle, heating circulator, cryogenic refrigerator cryopreservation box, cryo chillers, refrigeration heating equipment, plate cooler, and so on, would be a bigger market competitive advantage compared with the same industry enterprises.

In the development of Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., which lasts for more than ten years, it has become China's constant temperature refrigeration and heating industry leader, brand enterprises, blowing up a new trend for the refrigeration industry.
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