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What are the noise reduction methods for industrial chillers?

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Question: What are the noise reduction methods for industrial chilled water machines?

Answer: 1. Industrial industrial chilled water machine axial fan has different noise due to different wings and speed. The noise of octopole electromechanical is lower than that of hexapole electromechanical. The design should be selected flexibly according to the surrounding conditions and noise conditions, and strive to be economical and suitable.

2. In the design and equipment of industrial chillers, the noise is also different due to the different assembly methods of different models. The noise of hermetic compressors is lower than that of semi-hermetic compressors, and the noise of screw compressors is lower than that of piston compressors; the noise of several small refrigeration compressors is lower than that of a single refrigeration compressor.

3. When the industrial chiller is running, the vibration and noise of the refrigeration system and various settings have a greater impact on the surrounding conditions, and the ground feels vibrating. The working boundary of the electric fan of an industrial refrigerator is between 60 dB and 70 dB, so people cannot achieve normal work and rest in an emergency.

4. The best noise prevention operation steps for industrial chillers: industrial chillers, cooling water pumps, chilled water pumps, and system pipes should be isolated from vibration; refrigerators should be placed in the machine room or workshop with sound absorption and sound insulation, and should be placed in a place with smooth exhaust. Prevent the discharge from flowing back.

First of all, when choosing a chiller, choose a low-noise unit. The number of heat pumps in the chiller has a great influence on noise. The greater the number of heat pumps, the greater the noise, which must be considered comprehensively when using them.

The noise reduction of industrial chillers mainly considers the vibration and noise of the unit and pipeline. The usual solution is to install vibration damping equipment at the bottom of the chiller, and use spring hangers or brackets in the water pipe to reduce the vibration of the pipe. Vibration reduction measures should be taken to prevent the vibration of the chiller and water pump from spreading through the pipeline.

Compressor noise is included in the noise of the chiller. The noise of hermetic compressors is lower than that of semi-hermetic compressors. The noise reduction design should be based on the surrounding conditions, the unity of the effect and the cost. Air-cooled units and water pumps should be subjected to vibration reduction treatment, and sound barriers should be designed around the air-cooled units.

The cooler should be installed on the roof to prevent the noise of the cooler from affecting the building and its surrounding environment. For the chiller, the damper has good damping effect and wide frequency, which can effectively reduce the noise of the chiller.

When the industrial chiller is installed, the installation environment and location will cause noise problems. If the industrial refrigerator is in a relatively closed environment, the noise will be “amplified”. The cramped environment will make the normal operation of industrial refrigerators louder than normal operation. It is recommended that both air-cooled and water-cooled refrigerators should be installed in a relatively open environment with no foreign objects around. If the requirements for environmental sound are high, a sound insulation wall can be installed and ventilation and heat dissipation can be maintained.

If the installation position of the industrial chiller is not leveled, it will cause the industrial chiller to move during normal operation. The vibration and shaking during normal operation will increase the amplitude of vibration and shaking under the condition of displacement, thereby generating a lot of noise.

Industrial chillers themselves, air coolers and water coolers are more prone to “noise” than the latter due to their different structures. As you know, air coolers use fans to dissipate heat from the condenser, while water coolers use a cooling tower system to dissipate heat from the condenser. Compared with the noise of the cooling tower (usually placed at a high place and not at the same position as the water cooler), the fan is noisier and is integrated with the main engine of the industrial chiller, making it easier to feel the presence of noise (cleaning and analyzing the blades or giving Lubricate the bearings).

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