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Description of Selection of Air-cooled Cryogenic Chiller

Many users struggle with the problems of air-cooled cryogenic chillers and water cooled cryogenic chillers. However, enterprises should make choices according to their actual environment. For this reason, Wuxi Guanya professional manufacturer has sorted out the selection instructions of relevant air cooled cryogenic chillers.

Air-cooled cryogenic chiller, different from the water-cooled cryogenic chiller, covers a small area. For enterprises with a small area, the air-cooled cryogenic chiller is of great advantage, which is a benefit of the air-cooled cryogenic chiller. As there is no need to use the water cooling system, the air-cooled cryogenic chiller can greatly reduce the floor area in the enterprise. For the enterprise with a small floor area, the air-cooled cryogenic chiller is absolutely a good choice.

Second, due to the use of different types of compressor,  the common air-cooled cryogenic chiller on the market may be air-cooled screw machine, which is not a completely sealed closed cryogenic chiller. It can be air-cooled or water-cooled. In addition to having no water cooling system, the use effect of the air-cooled screw machine has no difference with other cold machines. But as mentioned above, it is not completely sealed, while the air cooling cryogenic chiller is an airtight case board cryogenic chiller, which is a kind of high-level cryogenic chiller. Relatively speaking, the air-cooled cryogenic chiller seems to be a good choice!

Therefore, according to their own environment size, operation requirements, operation costs to the overall consideration, Wuxi Guanya air-cooled cryogenic chiller can be a good choice for companies!
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