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High-pressure failure of stainless steel cryogenic refrigerator

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At the high speed of the stainless steel cryogenic refrigerator compressor, the temperature rises and the compressor generates high air pressure, which causes the high voltage protection relay to operate. The discharge pressure of the compressor reflects the condensing pressure. The normal value should be 1.3~1. 7MPa, and the protection value of the Wuxi Guanya stainless steel cryogenic refrigerator is set to 2.1MPa. Then, if it is a long-term work, the compressor pressure is too high, which will lead to excessive operating current of the compressor, easy to burn the motor, and easily cause damage to the valve port of the compressor exhaust port.

The equipment condenser is dirty or clogged. The cold water is generally tap water. It is easy to scale when it is above 30 °C, and since the cooling tower is open, it is directly exposed to the air, and dust foreign matter can easily enter the system, causing the condenser to clog. The unit should be backwashed regularly and chemically cleaned if necessary.

The stainless steel cryogenic refrigerator has insufficient cooling water flow and cannot reach the predetermined water flow. The main performance is that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water of the unit becomes smaller and the temperature difference becomes larger. The reason for the insufficient flow is: the system is short of water or air. The solution is to install an exhaust valve at the high point of the pipeline to exhaust; the pipeline filter is blocked or too fine, and the water permeability is limited. The appropriate filter should be selected and periodically. Clean the filter.

The cooling water temperature of the equipment is high and the condensation effect is poor. The rated working condition of the cooling water required by the unit is 28~35°C. The water temperature is high and the heat dissipation is bad, which will inevitably lead to high condensation pressure. This phenomenon often occurs in summer.

So what are the reasons for the high water temperature of stainless steel cryogenic refrigerators?

Stainless steel cryogenic refrigerator cooling tower failure, such as the fan is not open or even reverse, the water distributor does not turn, the performance of the cooling water is high, and rapid rise; 2. The temperature is high, the water is short, and the amount of water that can be recycled is small. The stainless steel cryogenic refrigerator has too much refrigerant and is mixed with air, nitrogen and other non-condensable gases. This situation usually occurs after maintenance, and the vacuum is not complete. Can only be drained, re-vacuum, refill the refrigerant. False alarm caused by electrical failure of stainless steel cryogenic refrigerator. Due to the moisture, poor contact or damage of the high voltage protection relay, the unit electronic board is damp or damaged, and the communication failure causes a false alarm. This kind of false fault, often the HP fault indicator on the electronic board is not bright or slightly bright, the manual reset of the high voltage protection relay is invalid, and the computer displays “automatic disappearance”. The compressor running current is normal, and the suction and exhaust pressure is also normal.

Therefore, the equipment needs to solve the fault in time, and it is necessary to perform regular maintenance and maintenance work. If there are other technical problems, you can contact the stainless steel cryogenic refrigerator Wuxi Guanya LNEYA professional manufacturer.

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