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Description of working principle of high and low temperature impact test chamber

Spot high and low temperature impact test chamber, also known as three-box high and low temperature impact test chamber, high and low temperature impact test chamber is mainly composed of low temperature storage chamber, high temperature storage chamber and impact temperature test chamber. Knowing how it works, plays a vital role in how to operate scientifically and how to protect it properly.

1. High-temperature storage room: The central controller detects the instantaneous signal from the temperature-sensing component, compares it with the set temperature signal, and obtains the comparison signal. The time-regulated heating of the solid-state relay is controlled by the output signal of the instrument PID logic circuit. The output power is sized to achieve automatic temperature control.

2. Low-temperature storage room: The temperature state of the spot high-low temperature impact test box is determined by the working state of the heater, evaporator and fan in the air duct. After the refrigerant flowing out through the expansion valve enters the evaporator in the working chamber, the heat in the working chamber is absorbed and vaporized, so that the temperature of the working chamber is lowered; the working fluid after gasification is sucked by the compressor and compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas into the condenser. The medium is condensed into a liquid, and after being screened, it is throttled by the expansion valve, and then again enters the evaporator of the working chamber to absorb heat and vaporize and then is sucked and compressed by the compressor. This reciprocating loop works to bring the studio temperature down to the set temperature requirement.

3. Impact temperature test room: Automatically control high and low temperature gas valve by spot high and low temperature impact test box instrument, switch between low temperature or high temperature storage room, form closed circuit air circulation system with high temperature box or low temperature box respectively, and quickly reach the test target temperature. The temperature state in the test chamber is determined by the operating conditions of the heater, evaporator, and fan in the duct. The working chamber of the test box adopts the forced axial flow “scattering” type loop wind operation, which can greatly improve the parameters such as fluctuation and uniformity of equipment operation.

After understanding the principle of use, the high and low temperature impact test chamber also needs regular maintenance to improve its efficiency.

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