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Precautions for use of minus 95 degrees cryogenic liquid bath cold trap

The minus 95 degree low temperature liquid bath cold trap (that is, the refrigerator that we often say) is a common refrigeration unit in refrigeration equipment. The rational use of the unit can not only avoid the failure of the unit, but also make the cooling effect more stable.

        1. Before using the minus 95 degrees low temperature liquid bath cold trap, you must carefully read the instructions for using the minus 95 degrees low temperature liquid bath cold trap, and then perform the correct installation, commissioning and normal use steps of the equipment.

Second, the minus 95 degrees low temperature liquid bath cold trap should be installed in a stable, ventilated and open place, and the ambient temperature of the installed unit should not exceed 38-40 ℃. After all, the minus 95 degree low temperature liquid bath cold trap is cooled by the fan to exchange air. The temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is not good, then the temperature of the unit will not drop, or there will be a high pressure failure.

3. The tap water can be filtered to ensure that the water quality is clean and free of impurities. The piping of the unit should be installed reasonably, and the size of the pipeline hose should be matched with that of the unit. The size of the water pipe should not be reduced. Otherwise, it will be prone to high-pressure overload, which will affect the quality effect and increase power consumption.

Four, our commonly used minus 95 degrees low temperature liquid bath cold trap power supply is 3-phase 380V 50HZ (1p minus 95 degrees low temperature liquid bath cold trap/2p air-cooled chiller is 220V), so when the unit is connected to the electrical system , Be sure to connect the corresponding power supply voltage according to the nameplate. In addition, the power supply of units going abroad will be different.

Five, pay attention to the operation sequence of the unit. After connecting the unit to the equipment requiring refrigeration, first turn on the power to the ON position, then turn on the chilled water pump switch, and open all the inlet and outlet valves of the chilled water. After the compressor starts to cool, the chilled water will pass through The water outlet is delivered to the cooled equipment. When shutting down the unit, just shut down in the reverse order.

6. When the minus 95 degree low temperature liquid bath cold trap fails, the corresponding indicator light on the control panel of the unit will light up and emit a warning sound. At this time, the unit should be shut down and checked in time. When the company does not have a professional unit maintenance personnel, please firstly freeze the manufacturer, and let the manufacturer guide or arrange the maintenance personnel to deal with it.
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