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How to maintain the high and low temperature cooling constant temperature system?

The high and low temperature cooling constant temperature system performs refrigeration and heating operation in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. It follows the rules of operation and meticulous requirements to continuously improve its quality. Its reliability and practicality play a decisive role in the quality of users.

When users operate the high and low temperature cooling and constant temperature system, they need special personnel for professional management and maintenance, and qualified units should send special personnel to the supplier's factory for training and learning from time to time to obtain professional maintenance and repair experience and capabilities. The condenser is fixed every three months. For high and low temperature cooling and constant temperature system compressors using air-cooled cooling, the condensing fan should be regularly overhauled and the condenser should be decontaminated and dust-removed to ensure good ventilation and heat exchange performance.

For high and low temperature cooling and constant temperature system compressors using water cooling, in addition to ensuring the inlet water pressure and inlet water temperature, the corresponding flow rate must be ensured, and the inside of the condenser must be cleaned and descaled regularly to obtain its continuous heat exchange. performance.

The high and low temperature cooling and constant temperature system also needs to clean the evaporator regularly. Under the forced air circulation, a lot of dust and small particles will condense on the evaporator, so it must be cleaned regularly. There is also waterway and humidifier cleaning. If the waterway is not unblocked and the humidifier becomes fouled, it will cause the humidifier to dry out and damage the humidifier. Therefore, the waterway and humidifier must be cleaned regularly.

It is also necessary to insist on setting the temperature near the ambient temperature after each test, and then cut off the power after working for about 30 minutes, and then wipe the inner wall of the working chamber. When the product is out of service for a long time, the product should be energized regularly every half a month, and the energization time should not be less than 1 hour.

Because the price of high and low temperature cooling and constant temperature system is basically composed of multiple electrical, refrigeration and mechanical systems. Therefore, once there is a problem with the equipment, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection and comprehensive analysis of the entire equipment system. Generally speaking, the process of analysis and judgment can be from outside to inside, that is, after removing the external factors, the fundamental failure phenomenon can systematically decompose the equipment.

The quality requirements of the high and low temperature cooling and constant temperature system are relatively high. The user needs to customize a certain maintenance plan in peacetime, and must not blindly disassemble or replace parts, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.
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