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What is a circulator for LNEYA?

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Refrigeration cycle heating machine is the laboratory equipment with heating and refrigeration functions, this instrument uses a number of proprietary technology, high precision of temperature control, mainly used for biological, chemical and other fields (such as rotary evaporator, reactor, fermentation tank, calorimeter and other equipment); this instrument is highly automated and can be set according to the demand automatic heating or cooling apparatus; the accurate temperature control, heating and refrigeration functions in general, can meet the various needs of biochemical experiment.

With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more refrigeration equipment has appeared in our lives, such as heating circulators, but we may estimate that few people have heard of it. So what is a heating circulator?

Refrigeration heating circulator uses the limited refrigerant in a closed refrigeration system, repeatedly compresses, condenses, expands, and evaporates the refrigerant, continuously absorbs heat and vaporizes at the evaporator, and performs refrigerating and cooling.

Refrigeration heating circulator is a cyclic process in which heat is transferred from a low temperature object (such as a cold room, etc.) to a high temperature object by the refrigerant, so that the object is cooled to a temperature which is lower than the ambient temperature, and the low temperature is maintained. This process is implemented by using a refrigeration device.

The important parameter of the refrigeration heating circulator is the refrigeration coefficient, which is also called the working performance coefficient of the refrigeration device, which is represented by the symbol COP. LNEYA Refrigeration tells you that at a certain ambient temperature, the lower the cold storage temperature, the smaller the refrigeration coefficient.

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