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Attention points for the use of laboratory chiller manufacturers’ equipment

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In the laboratory, a wide range of
experimental instruments are widely used. When the experimental instruments are
in operation, they are inseparable from the high-low temperature circulating
device refrigeration heating equipment. What should be paid attention to when
the high and low temperature circulating devices are in operation?

The high and low temperature circulation
device uses the coolant as a medium to transfer heat generated by other
instruments or equipment that need to be cooled, and the heat is dissipated to
the outside of the device through the refrigeration system, thereby ensuring
that the device operates in a normal temperature range. Between the device and
the instrument and equipment, the pressure of the pump in the device is used to
form a closed medium circulation, and the temperature of the medium is detected
by the temperature sensor to control the chiller.

Equipment from high and low temperature
cycle equipment manufacturers should be installed in a well-equipped

1. A well-ventilated, dust-free, stable
ground or laboratory countertop;

2. Avoid droplets and more steam;

3. Avoid areas where inflows, stagnation,
and leakage of flammable gases are likely to occur;

4. Avoid near high frequency equipment
(high frequency welding machine, etc.);

5. Avoid placing high-temperature cycle
equipment manufacturers’ equipment in places where acidic solutions are
frequently used;

6. Avoid frequent use of special sprayers
(including sulfides);

From the point of view of the convenient
and safe operation of the high and low temperature circulation device during
maintenance and installation, the space between the indoor unit and the
obstacle should be ensured as much as possible.

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temperature cycle devices, you can contact our LNEYA chiller manufacturer for

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