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LNEYA closed cycle refrigerator maintenance instructions

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LNEYA closed cycle refrigerators should start to pay attention to their maintenance work after a long time of use, then how to carry out maintenance work? How to do maintenance work for it?

According to the specific use environment and the frequency of using the closed cycle refrigerator, if the use time is short and the running power is relatively low, the maintenance period of the equipment can be extended appropriately during maintenance. For many special enterprises, in order to maintain the safety and stability of the equipment in the long-term uninterrupted use, it is recommended to adjust the maintenance period to half a year. The maintenance cycle can be shortened, and it is possible to find out whether there is a fault and perform effective maintenance in a timely manner, and keep the closed cycle refrigerator in a normal operating state, so that the space temperature can be reduced with less cost.

As a core component of a closed cycle refrigerator, if there is a fault, the normal use of the compressor is directly jeopardized, so the compressor is taken as the main maintenance item during maintenance. It can timely analyze the operating status of the equipment compressor and determine whether the equipment compressor is in overload operation, which can guarantee the long-term safety of the enterprise.

Many companies ignore the detection of pressure gauges when maintaining closed cycle refrigerators. If there is a problem with the pressure gauge, when using a closed cycle refrigerator, it is easy to cause problems such as abnormal pressure changes in the equipment. If it is used for a long time under abnormal pressure, the safety of use will continue to decrease, and even some unexplained failures will threaten the normal use of closed-cycle refrigerators. The lower the cost of closed-loop refrigerators, the closed-loop refrigeration. The higher the efficiency of the machine to reduce the space temperature.

In order to improve the use efficiency of the closed cycle refrigerator, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive inspection on a regular basis, which is advantageous for eliminating various failures and prolonging the service life.

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